Frequently asked questions:


Q. I am not confident using websites, is there another way to make an order?

A. We pride ourselves on helping our customers one on one. Email or call us and we can help you to choose a product or help you process an order. Our details can be found by clicking the "Showroom & Contact Us" tab on our home page


Q. The product I'm after is not in stock. What are my options?

A. As we have a large range of products on offer with a lengthy production time to get through new batches, we may at times run low on stock. Our website doesn't allow a product to be purchased if there are none available. If you are unable to find an alternative product please don't hesitate to get in touch with us. We can either help you find a similar alternative or put a customer order in to production for the exact product that you desire. Product made to order are processed outside of the online store. Timelines and other details can be discussed with us via email or over the phone. We pride ourselves on working one on one with our customers. See the "Showroom & Contact Us" tab on our home page


Q. How can I see the product in person before making a purchase?

A. We have a Melbourne showroom which you are welcome to visit. See "Showroom & Contact Us" tab on our home page. Alternatively we have stores around Australia that will be more than happy to assist you. See "Retail Outlets" tab on our home page


Q. We previously visited the Sheil Abbey store in Brighton. Are they still open and is this the same product?

A. Due to the closing of the Sheil Abbey store in Brighton, we have set up the new Melbourne Showroom ten minutes down the road from the old Brighton store in Highett. Where Sheil Abbey was a retail outlet, Don Sheil is the brand. It is still manufactured by us. Same product, different shelf


Q. How can I buy a gift box to suit my purchase?

A. Many of our products have a designated premium custom gift box that can be purchased in addition to the product if required, subject to gift box stock levels. When viewing the products categories, scroll to the "Gift Boxes" category at the bottom and select "Gift Box." There is a detailed guide in its description displaying the products suited to that size. Using the drop down boxes, choose your size, (ranging from 4" - 18") and your height (short or tall)

The image displayed will tell you which products are suited to that gift box. Simply add the required quantity to your cart


Q. How do I keep Don Sheil products clean?

A. Warm soapy water is all that is required. Never use an abrasive and strictly do not put in the dishwasher


Q. After a dinner party, a friend who was helping us clean up unknowingly put one of our Don Sheil products in the dishwasher. Is there anything you can do to help?

A. Believe it or not, this does occasionally happen, especially with items such as salad servers. We do have a repair service in which we can restore the look. Get in touch with us to have this arranged. See the "Showroom & Contact Us" tab on our home page


Q. Are Don Sheil products oven proof?

A. All Don Sheil products that don't sit on a base are oven and freezer proof


Q. Can I take Don Sheil products overseas?

A. Due to its light weight, Don Sheil products have been a popular go to choice for taking overseas for many years


Q. I see many silver products tarnish or require polishing or using products such as brasso to restore their shine; do Don Sheil products require this treatment?

A. Absolutely not, Don Sheil products have an anodic coating which greatly reduces the chance of scratching and eliminates any chance of tarnishing. Don Sheil products never need to be re-polished


Q. Can I include Don Sheil products in my range and become a seller?

A. We are always open to expanding our products in to new shops and galleries. Our process involves reviewing your shop front and making sure that it suits the standards that we require to represent our product, as well as making sure it isn't too close in vicinity to other retailers. Please get in contact with us to see if you qualify for wholesale pricing. See "Showroom & Contact Us" tab on our home page


Q. I am interested in using Don Sheil for custom or corporate gifts

A. Please see our custom & corporate page and get in touch with us to discuss bulk order pricing and customised options