The Handmade Process

Crafting Beautiful Products

Don Sheil products are crafted by hand from the raw material until the finished product, using skills passed through 3 generations of artisans. Using locally sourced suppliers, all production has been manufactured here in Australia since its humble beginnings in 1971. Below are some of our production processes that are utilised to create our beautiful, vast range

Screen Printing

Adding to the fully customisable funtionality, many products are screened from designs created in-house

Hand Painted Designs

From hand painted borders, to many of ours patterns which applied by hand using special techniques, every single piece is unique with its own artisitic character


All products are meticulously polished to a high finish, multiple times during a production cycle

Acid Etching


Some products require very specialised welding, to fuse parts together such as goblet bases


From our handbeaten patterns, to shaping products such as salad bowls, there are many beating processes used to create our products


The final stage of the production run, products are anodised in bulk. The anodic coating created during this process protects Don Sheil products, making them scratch resistant, weather proof, food safe and non-tarnishing