Product Repairs

General Information:

To refurbish or repair Don Sheil products, we must first remove the anodised coating. This enables us to re-polish and undertake any other repairs at this time, such as tapping out dents, before re-brightening and re-anodising the product. Repolishing Don Sheil products also dulls scratches and marks, however although we can generally promise a vast improvement, this process is may not completely eradicate marks, especially if they appear on etched background.

My product was put in the dishwasher:

The cloudy white damage is a compromised anodic layer, because of the caustic nature of the dishwasher. This is repaired by removing the anodic layer, re-polishing and re-anodising, which restores its clear, shiny look. Depending on the dishwasher harshness and time spent inside, some slight “pitting” may remain. It is important to repair a product that has been through the dishwasher, to ensure that it remains food safe, as well as restoring its look.

Lead time:

Because the anodising process is done in bulk, there are long waiting times for repairs to be undertaken, as they need to coincide with the end of our production runs. Expected waiting times are generally 4 – 8 weeks.


Repairs are costed on a case-by-case basis. We will provide a quote based on an estimation of work, resources required and return postage (if applicable) prior to carrying out the repair. Products can be mailed directly to us our dropped off in person to the following address:

Don Sheil of Australia

22 Teton Court

Highett VIC 3190

Other things to keep in mind:

-Products with glued bases/ stands need to have those removed prior to the repair. This can incur extra costs and there are some rare circumstances where bases may need to be replaced if damaged when removed.

-Most products will become slightly brighter than they originally were, as they go through the polishing/ brightening process for a second time.

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